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My name is Joanne and I am a young mom of two adorable little kids,  a dog owner of a beautiful boxer dog, and a wife to a very handsome man!  I love music and sunshine oh ya , and I am a photographer! I love life, light and fun! I love to capture the simple things, a laugh, a kiss, a hug, even just a quiet moment but most of all I love to bring memories into your home that will last forever!  I hope to get to know you as a friend and as a client. My Goal here is to help make your photography dreams come true! Thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to working with you soon! 

Self Portrait - Joanne of Umbrella Tree Photography

So here you are choosing your photographer, trying to decide between the millions of people out there that could photograph your special day and you are wondering - why should I choose Joanne from Umbrella Tree Photography? 

Well here are some reasons you should consider as you make your check list:

a) Do I like her work! This is important! Do you like my style? Want to see more from a wedding or portrait session? or a complete gallery? JUST ASK! I have lots to show!) 

b) Does this fit my budget? (Whats your budget? is it too low for the quality photography your heart desires?) I would LOVE to discuss how we can make something work together!

c) Do I like this chick?

(AKA: do you like me? We have to spend A LOT of time together especially on your wedding day! So lets hope we get along!)

10 things you didn't know about me

1) I LOVE cereal... and Oreos...  I think its an addiction!

2) I love animals - but specifically Boxer dogs. They are big, dumb, cuddle sucks and I love them! We have a fawn female (she's my first born ;) ) and I love her!

3) I am obsessed with light! Be it a sun rise, a sunset - that hazy fog light on a dewy morning - or the beams of light coming through the trees, I can't get enough light - I am constantly opening the blinds in my house to let as much light in as possible, I guess this is a good thing being a natural light photographer :).

4) If I could live anywhere in the world it would be: Maui, Hawaii because... Hawaii.... 

5) I prefer skittles to chocolate.

6) I am a Mom! I love my babies and I talk about them - because they are funny and they're my life! 

7) I am pretty low maintenance - You won't see me dressed to the nines on any normal occasion - I prefer functionality over fashion. However I can still appreciate a good pair of heels,  and a hot momma outfit! 

8) I got married young - and still happily married 9 years later!

9) My drink of CHOICE is water with a slice of  lemon, or a booster juice!

10) I'm a Canon girl. 

NOW if these things fit! Than lets make a date to meet in person!! Can't wait to chat with you about your special day! 



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