Andy and Maeghan Engagement

I loved this session and this couple! They were on top of what they wanted for their session! And I am so grateful they were - We did the session at Rocky Point in Port Moody, a place I am not very familiar with being from Chilliwack, I knew the standard spots - like the pier etc. But they showed me spots I NEVER would have known! and I guess thats the bonus of growing up near a location as amazing as this!! The Best part of the session was when Andy told me "I feel so much better about our wedding day now, this was so much fun and not what I expected!" I think that an engagement session is SO important! It allows the groom and the bride to get to know me on a much more personal level - we get to have fun and we get to take some amazing photos! WIN WIN! 

I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did!! Let me know your favourite shot! And don't forget to check me out on facebook! Thanks and ENJOY