Cory and Samantha | Engaged

We had such a beautiful engagement session up at Cultus Lake Main Beach - When we were discussing locations - they felt that a location near water would be appropriate as they met on the docks on the East Coast. and since we couldn't fly back to the Maritimes for their engagement session we decided some BC Water and Mountains would have to suffice! With the Smoke from all the forrest fires blocking a lot of our gorgeous views - I was a little worried -but that smoke helped make a beautiful glow from the sun setting and I really enjoyed that little touch! 

Batman is a huge part of cory's life so we decided it was only appropriate to incorporate his batman necklace into the ring shot which I really enjoyed!! I hope you enjoyed this session too! I can't wait to be with these two as they tie the knot this August! They are a lovely couple and I feel so honoured that I have the opportunity to get to know them!!