Delaney and Jake | Wedding

Delaney and Jake had the most unique wedding I have ever been a part of - They incorporated everything that they loved into the wedding - and make it 100% them! We had Glam bridesmaids, a forrest goddess bride and flower girls, and as much nerd chic as you could ask for with Superman EVERYTHING - and Batman Groomsmen! They had a burger and fries food truck and a piñata!! The venue itself was perfect - it was against the fence of the historic Fort Langley - under a majestic tree! Their first dance was sung by one of the bridesmaids and good family friends - and it was the most beautiful rendition of "Danny's song" I have ever heard - In fact I am getting emotional thinking about it. It POURED on their wedding day and I mean POURED - 1st time in 50  years on that date! But with the forest fires raging through out our country it was hard to be upset about it - So everyone just smiled - no one left because of the rain - we just cuddled up and made the most of it. The amount of love from the guests was tangible - With family and friends coming as far away as Australia! What a day! an absolutely perfect day - They say that rain is good omen  - So these two were absolutely blessed that day - from their friends and family - but also from above! I am so grateful I was able to be a part of this day - I am so honoured that I was able to be there as Delaney and Jake said I do - and started their journey as Husband and Wife - I wish them so much love success and happiness in their marriage and their life to come! 

Congrats you guys! *Love*


Umbrella Tree Photography

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