Kurits & Alana | Wedding

This family has really become near and dear to my heart! This is the 3rd son that I have had the pleasure of photographing their wedding - Kurtis came to me right after he got engaged to see if I could photograph their day - when I found out I was already booked - I was pretty devastated! But Kurtis wasn't going to let that stop us! We decided to do their formal photos the day before their official wedding which turned out better than we could have hoped for - We were able to spend more time - going to the places that really were special to them - and get some incredible shots - at the right time of day! This is something that is nearly impossible to do on the wedding day! not to mention being able to extend that wedding day is never a bad thing as it goes to fast as it is! We started at the Vancouver LDS Temple, where they were to be married the next day - we started with a first look, and ring exchange (nothing official - just to have the rings for photos!) We then headed over to Red Wood Park where they were engaged to take some shots in the same spot as their engagement! Then we headed down to White Rock Beach to enjoy the sunset ! It was PERFECT! I am SOOO THRILLED I was able to be a part of it, and give them some incredible memories that will last a life time! Congrats you too - You are a match made in heaven! 

Umbrella Tree Photography