Business Changes

When I first started out my photography business, I wanted to do it so I could spend more time with my family. And in the beginning It was hard starting out - building my business and getting the word out there,  but I am at the stage now - where I need to make a change so that I can spend more time with the people in my life that I chose to do this for! As of Jan 2017 I will no longer be offering mini sessions. 

There are 2 reasons for this! 

1) as stated above - I need to be home more with my kids as they are my #1 priority. 

2) mini sessions have been frustrating me in the sense that 20-30 minutes just isn't enough time to really get the true spirit of your family interaction, which is what makes my heart happy - and keeps my creative spirit thriving! When we only have a rushed amount of time - we are all stressed, which affects the children and the over all vibe of the session! 

I am genuinely looking forward to serving my clients better by not being overbooked and being able to give more of myself to the longer more candid sessions. 

I do this business not for the love of money - but for the love of photography - and capturing those moments, as tender, as crazy, as intimate as they are supposed to be! 

Thank you for your patience in this matter, and for your continued support. 

I truly could not be where I am without each and everyone of you! 





Reason #1 and Reason #2 For taking on less work... These two mean the world to me !