vancouver BC

Kurtis and Alana | Engagement

Well I have to say that this family holds a special place in my heart! Kurtis is Brother #3 that I will have photographed from this family at his wedding! So when I got the call that Kurtis was going to purpose to Alana... I was more than a little excited! Hearing how excited he was and how much he loved this girl just made my heart happy! I had never met Alana but as soon as I said my first hello during the engagement session - I knew we were going to be friends! And I knew they were so perfect for eachother!! I can not get over how much I love this engagement session - This was my first "Urban" Engagement - and I LOVED it! We had so much fun exploring the City of Vancouver finding little places to stop for photos!  It could not have gone any better - and to think we were SO CLOSE to rescheduling!! I can not wait to do their formal bride and groom shots this August as they Celebrate their Marriage Union! Thank you guys for such a wonderful experience :) 

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