Umbrella Tree Photography


K & C | Wedding


Joanne is amazing!!! I was worried about awkward photos and awkward poses (if you've googled wedding photos, you know exactly what I mean), and being naturally awkward made me even more worried! But Joanne is absolutely the best at bringing out every good side of you that isn't awkward or weird or funky (well, all right, she brought out some of our funk, haha!). 

She is so supportive and so good at letting you know what's working and what isn't, and for us, was fantastic at telling us how to stand and where to put our hands and how to look, and our wedding photos are absolutely some of the most beautiful photos I've seen (but maybe I'm biased?). Joanne knows how to shoot her subject, and will go to great lengths (standing on tables, crouching or laying on the ground) to get those great shots that you want. 

As a LDS member, she knows how to shoot the temple so it doesn't just look like this big gray background (like I've seen from other photographers). She'll do great work for you, just supply some food to give her some of that energy she exudes and burns while making you look awesome. 

Great, great, great work; awesome personality, fantastic prices - is there any better combination?