Hi! I am Joanne,

 I love music and sunshine oh ya , and I am a photographer! I love life, light and fun! I love to capture the simple things, a laugh, a kiss, a hug, even just a quiet moment. But most of all I love to bring memories into your home that will last forever!  

a couple things about me....

• I LOVE LIGHT! and Rainbows and the incredible beauty that we have on this earth! 

• I am obsessed with animals specifically Boxer Dogs… I may have a problem i just love them too much. 

• I am completely addicted to Oreos, and Sugar Cereal! I don’t like coffee but LOVE tea! 

• We have a 1/4 lot and are turning it into our own little micro farm! We love sustainability and making things pretty but also growing our own food! 

• If I wasn’t a photographer I am pretty sure I would be a rock star… jk - but i do love to sing and dance and if there is an opportunity for Karaoke you better believe I will be the first to sign up! 

Thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to working with you soon! 

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